Thor #178 (1970)

Jack Kirby is getting ready to leave Thor for good, so he sits this one out.

Abomination and The Stranger are the enemies here, in a story that didn’t make any sense to me at all.  But then, I don’t really get what Stranger’s deal is anyway.  Like, what’s he about?  Last time we saw him, he came to destroy Earth-but now he appears to be some kind of policeman locking up cosmic crooks.  And somehow Abomination qualifies, but much bigger and more important villains don’t.  Weird.

At least we get to see Thor hit Abomination a few times.

Anyway, it ends with Thor going back in time to fix his own mistakes in the issue-a power set that basically gives him infinite power, which explains why it’s almost never used and most Thor writers pretend it doesn’t even exist.

Creators: Lee/Buscema
Grade: F

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