NOVA #22-25 (1978-1979)

The final arc. I did like seeing a hero whose family knew his identity. It allowed him to do things like fly his mom and dad around for fun.  Having powers ought to be fun after all.  Too many times heroes just act tragic and mope around.

I also liked how they redid his logo for the last issue: He’s gone!

It would have been nice if the story was higher quality, though. And the art. I don’t understand why Infantino go so much work–or why Marvel hired him away from DC. Speaking of which, soon after this Wolfman left Marvel to go to DC, where he became one of the most legendary, important writers of all time. He learned to write at Marvel by cranking out subpar runs on Fantastic Four, Spider-Man and here on Nova. Then he created The New Teen Titans, one of the single most important, highest quality books of the 1980s.

And speaking of the story: Nova and aged hero Comet team up to fight the invulnerable Diamond Head and brain-in-a-robot Dr. Sun, who eventually lead him to the master of their evil: Sphinx. And at the time, he was part of the Skrulls’ war against the Xandarians. It leads right into Fantastic Four #206.

Creators: Marv Wolfman and Carmine Infantino
Grade: C-

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