NOVA #4 (1976)

Marv waits until #4 to introduce Nova to the shared universe, and he uses Thor to do it.  It’s a good choice.  Nova has still-largely-undefined powers, so having him square off against Thor shows that Nova’s abilities are probably a lot stronger than we might think.  It also gives the character three issues to establish himself before trying to broaden him a bit.

There’s also a nice social commentary in issue #4, where Rich and his friends are in a soda shop and the price on the wall increases by one cent between panels.  Inflation was rampant in 1976, so this was a–.  Oh, it’s just a typographical error?  Sorry.

Oh, and this is the first appearance of the minor villain Corruptor.

Creators: Marv Wolfman and John Buscema

Grade: C+, bordering close on a B-.
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