Let me get this straight: Iron Man was fired from West Coast Avengers in a comic that wasn’t “West Coast Avengers”?!?

Jan shows up to “cheer” everyone up, and Steve Englehart takes the opportunity to once again remind us that he’s terrible at writing women as anything other than whiney, petty sex objects.

Then Mockingbird says, “Let’s all go on vacation to Arizona,” which just happens to be the same place she killed Night Rider when he tried to rape her.  She drops a small bomb down that ridge to “hide the body” and awakens a giant.

Then they all fight the giant.  And fortunately, they wore their costumes on vacation.

Hamilton Slade also shows up, and Mockingbird accuses him of being the new incarnation of Night Rider–but Slade has no memory of being that character.  And Moon Knight agrees with Slade.

Moon Knight is pretty dickish about it, especially in the end, when we see ominous confirmation…

Creators: Steve Englehart and Al Milgrom
Grade: C

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