WEREWOLF BY NIGHT #11-12 (1973)

Marv Wolfman comes aboard–he also wrote Tomb of Dracula–and introduces Hangman. Gil Kane joins as artist. Kane is known for drawing flared nostrils and shooting from below so you can see all the way inside the nose, so his style works well with a wolfman.

Hangman is a vigilante who kills street criminals like muggers and rapists who prey on young women, and then he kidnaps the female victims. Very original modus operandi–you have to say that for the character–and it’s perfect for a horror comic.

Werewolf and Hangman’s paths cross when Hangman tries to “save” Jack Russell’s girlfriend Lissa.

Ah.  There’s the up-the-nose shot!

Creators: Wolfman and Kane
Grade: C+

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