KA-ZAR VOLUME 2, #1-13 (1974)


I love the splash page of the first issue of this second volume of Ka-Zar stories, and I like that he meets Shanna the She-Devil…

Unfortunately, she goes home after issue #2, and this book never gets good.  Fortunately, it’s only bimonthly.

Here are the highlights, such as they are:

Future Mockingbird Bobbi Morse appears in issues #3-5 as a SHIELD agent who is helping foil a plot to loot the Savage Land.

Issue #4 gives us a diagram of his “lair.”  Why does he need a pool?

Issue #5 has a map of the Savage Land by Don Heck.

That’s really about it.

Creators: Mike Friedrich and Paul Reinman
Grade: C-

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