In #3-5, people try to steal the Darkhold book written by Jack Russell’s father, which holds all kinds of black magic secrets, and then all kinds of other adventures happen with Werewolf fighting all kinds of monsters.  Like Krogg (above).

In these issues, we transition from the original creators (Conway/Ploog) into Len Wein as the new writer and artist Werner Roth. Usually when this happens, a book starts to dip in quality, and that’s in fact what happens here. The Darkhold legend is lost–which was basically the concept for the character (Jack Russell’s father was a Werewolf and had this magic book, now Jack protects it as the last link to his dad and to prevent demons from coming to Earth).

Still, it’s not a horrible comic–just bland.

Creators: Gerry Conway (#3-5), Len Wein (#6-8) and Mike Ploog (#3-6), Werner Roth (#5-8).
Grade: C

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