GHOST RIDER #4-9 (1974)

I can’t make sense of this.  Lots of different writers and plotters, and lots of demons doing all kinds of things.  Lots of cars chasing Ghost Rider-and car chases don’t translate well in a comic.  Then The Zodiac Gang comes in.  Zodiac took on the Avengers, but apparently Ghost Rider is powerful enough to fight them alone.

And alongside them, Stunt Master.  You remember him, right?  From Daredevil #58?  It’s OK.  Nobody remembers him.  He’s dumb.

And then a guy who seems like Jesus shows up and gets Johnny Blaze’s soul back from the Devil.  But for some reason, Blaze is still Ghost Rider.

So it all ends with Satan creating another demon who will tempt Johnny into commiting a sin so Satan can get the soul back.

This book is awful AF.

Creators: Gary Friedrich (script #4, plot #6), Doug Moench (#5) with Marv Wolfman (plot #5), tony Isabella (script #6-9) and Jim Mooney
Grade: D-.  It’s not quite an F because Ghost Rider is cool looking, and if you go for devil stuff I suppose you might like this.
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