Hulk #119-120 (1969)

Bruce Banner wanders out of the ocean, where he fought Sub-Mariner last issue, and straight into a town enslaved by Maximus, evil brother of Black Bolt.  What a strange world the Marvel Universe is.  It’s a wonder there’s room for regular humans at all.

Look at that head shot of Max.  Very Kirbyish.

Also, in both of these issues Hulk says that the madder he gets, the stronger he gets.  I’m sure he must have said this before, but I hadn’t noticed it before.  His power set is developing.  And speaking of his power set…

Through sheer vibrations, he redirects missles…

…Back at the army that fired them.  And then beats up a plane.

Creators: Stan Lee (script #119, plot #120), Roy Thomas (script #120) and Herb Trimpe
Grade: C

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