The return of MODOK!  (His second appearance ever.)

MODOK is officially revealed to be alive in Captain America #119, the penultimate issue of the four-issue arc introducing The Falcon (which you can read more about here).  Cap and Falc have teamed up to take down Skull and the Cosmic Cube.

They beat him due to the interference of Redwing, who attacks Skull at the just the right moment, causing him to drop the Cube.

Captain America #120 is technically the end of the Falcon story, because the story wraps on page one of that comic.  But it’s not really about Falcon.  The rest of the issue is a bizarre “only in the 1960s” book in which Captain America goes undercover at a college as a Physical Education teacher to prevent AIM from kidnapping a real professor.

This was also the first time Jack Kirby wasn’t involved in a MODOK appearance. The art in this story is by Gene Colan.   So, this is the first non-Kirby MODOK issue.

Creators: Stan Lee and Gene Colan

Grade: C+


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