Marvel Comics Presents #1-12 (Man-Thing story) (1988)

Steve Gerber is clearly the best writer for Man-Thing of all time, so I was eager to read this revival of the character—who had been largely ignored for the better part of a decade.  And Tom Sutton’s art was also perfect.

As with most Gerber joints, the story is complicated: The U.S. is selling drugs and using the profits to sell weapons to Latverian rebels and to reestablish an underground super-soldier program.  The drug-runners working for the U.S. also happen to be into the occult.  So a twisted super-soldier who looks like cotton candy escapes into Man-Thing’s swamp…

…And now Man-Thing, who felt the pain of the test subject, feels compelled to take down the Satanist Super Soldier program.

That’s basically it.  There’s international intrigue in Latveria, but Dr. Doom makes no appearances.  Captain America doesn’t get involved, even though it’s a corrupted Super Soldier program.  It’s most all Man-Thing and grotesque subjects of the program causing chaos throughout a story that seems to be an attempt at referencing Oliver North and the drugs-for-arms-for-hostages scandals of the late ‘80s.

Steve Gerber’s not for everyone, but his fans are cultish—and I’m one of them.  Great story!  I’m already shocked at how good this anthology is turning out to be, since usually these books are…Not good.

Creators: Steve Gerber, with art by: Tom Sutton (#1-8, 12), Brad Joyce (#9), Don Hudson (#10-11)
Grade: B+

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