West Coast Avengers #29 (1988): Taurus dies

Continuing the (terrible) Zodiac storyline from last issue, Taurus is one of the few surviving Zodiacs (after robot Zodiacs killed all the live ones in the last issues of this book), and he’s looking to form a new gang.  He tries to recruit Shroud, who is not interested (he’s actually already a part of Night Shift).  And then Moon Knight shows up, Taurus bolts, and we get a nice action sequence of Moon Knight chasing him down until Taurus (accidentally) dies.

This is what Moon Knight is about—and there’s nowhere near enough of this kind of thing in this (generally horrible) book.

And what does team leader Hawkeye do when he finds out that they just had a whole issue of very good writing and action?  He yells at Moon Knight for letting the villain die!

Then, at the very end, we see that Night Rider is still alive, and observing the team.

Creators: Steve Englehart and Al Milgrom
Grade: B-

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