SUB-MARINER #57-59 (1972)


I’m bundling these issues because they’re pretty dreadful.  Namor returns to Atlantis over the course of these stories, but you can tell from the hodge-podge of creators that there’s no vision here, no real sense of why this comic even exists.

But they’re gearing up for another invasion of New York.  Those are always fun, even if they seem to feel much less important because they happen so often.

Namor rescues Venus from drowning, and then helps her defeat Ares.

And then, in #59, an Atlantean is caught in a fisherman’s net, so Sub-Mariner attacks him.

Thor defends the human.

And that’s why Namor’s going to be so cheesed at humans in the next arc.

Creators: Roy Thomas and Bill Everett (#57), Steve Gerber, Sam Kweskin, Bill Everett (#58-59)
Grade: D

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