Fantastic Four #312 (1988): Fall of the Mutants

The new Thing (Ms. Marvel) and the newly pointy old Thing reunite with new FF member Crystal and old FF member Human Torch, who are surprised by their mutated appearances.

The story takes place in Wakanda, continuing from #311.  (The only reason I’m breaking this issue out is because it’s technically a Fall of the Mutants tie-in.  Fall of the Mutants really was just a way to loosely tie together a bunch of mostly unrelated stories.  The only real “fall” of the event was the X-Men dying for one panel, and then being immediately resurrected, in X-Men #227.

We see more of Dr. Doom and Black Panther bonding over being misunderstood kings, and Dr. Doom humbling himself as an expatriate, ousted monarch.

The new FF, Doom, and T’Challa go back to New York City, where they hear about X-Factor’s big Fall of the Mutants fight against Apocalypse, and attend the parade that appeared on the last page of X-Factor #25.

I do like when there are different points-of-view on the same panel, so I’ll forgive the cover—which promised a “Fall of the Mutants” tie-in, when the book actually only delivers a post-Fall parade.

When Doom’s son Kristoff, who is the new leader of Latveria, sees Doom at the parade, he sends robots to attack, so the FF and the X-Factor guys get some action.

And, predictably, Dr. Doom betrays his “teammates” by kidnapping Beast and Ms. (Thing) Marvel to try to force the other heroes into helping him depose Kristoff.  The plan fails but Doom manages to continue to get sanctuary from Black Panther, which, frankly, is unbelievably stupid.

A bad ending, but not a bad issue overall.

By the end, Sharon has accepted her new appearance and is ready to get back into action.

Creators: Steve Englehart, Keith Pollard
Grade: C

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