Amazing Spider-Man #34 (1966)

Kraven the Hunter returns, and borrows Chameleon’s lab to make himself look like Spider-Man and frame the hero for all kinds of shenanigans.   

Sound familiar?  It should.  It’s the basic premise of one of the most famous, best Spider-Man stories of all time: Kraven’s Last Hunt.

And we get a very small glimpse of Kraven’s personal life/backstory, as we see him actually hunting and fighting animals.  While dressed as Spider-Man, Kraven drives J. Jonah Jameson crazy.

He basically stalks him and threatens him in order to get the real Spider-Man’s attention.

Yes.  JJJ is bait.

Seems like that happens quite a bit in Amazing Spider-Man, and for that reason I can’t grade this issue too highly.  Steve Ditko is about at his breaking point with Stan Lee—and it shows.  He’ll be leaving soon.

Also: Here’s the teaser from issue #33:

I think that counts as a house ad–and it’s got original art.  Usually, 1960s ads just took existing art and rearranged it.

Creators: Steve Ditko, Stan Lee

Quality Rating: C+

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