THE AVENGERS #21-22 (1965)


Another completely forgettable story, but not as awful as some of the other recent issues.

In the story, Enchantress gives Erik Josten powers virtually identical to Wonder Man, who died back in Avengers #16, using the abandoned lab Baron Zemo used on Simon Williams in #9.

He goes by the name Power Man.  Yes, the name of future Hero for Hire Luke Cage!  But don’t worry, he won’t use the moniker for long.  He dies in issue #21.  And the “for hire” aspect of this story matters in another curious way, as you’ll see at the end of this post.

And now Scarlet Witch, the only member of the team who has done anything remotely effective for the past several issues, has become a doddering idiot, doting over Captain America.

Anyhow, her plan is to discredit The Avengers and it works.  The team breaks up and some of them go off and join the circus.


Only, this being Marvel, it’s the Circus of Crime!  Also, this being the 1960s, Captain America goes undercover to get audiotape of Enchantress’ plot, so he can prove to the public that The Avengers were the good guys all along…

But even though he prevails and saves the team, he’s not willing to let bygones be bygones.  He quits the team, telling them “I’m kissin’ you off!”

Strange way to put it, Cap.

Of historical note: There’s a letter from Mike “In about ten years I create Ghost Rider!” Friedrich:

When he creates Ghost Rider, he doesn’t get creator credit, sues, and doesn’t get recognition until Nic Cage makes the second of two awful movies about the character.

At least the movies were good for something, eh?  But no, not really.  Mike lost in court, based on a holding that it was all work for hire.


Creators: Lee/Heck
Grade: C

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