DAREDEVIL #3 (1964)

The first three pages of this comic are all Owl.  He is introduced in shadow as “the man whose legal name is long since forgotten,” walking into an office building.  He owns the building, he is rich and powerful, and he destroys his corporate foe by framing him. The man kills himself.

It’s one of the more chilling sequences in a Marvel comic, especially in that era.  Frankly, I’m shocked the Comic Code Authority cleared this book.  But at least it didn’t mention werewolves or the Mafia, right?  ‘Cause that was a clear-cut no-no.

This Owl can fly–similar to Vulture.

Eventually, DD tracks him down and they fight.  Of course.  But he holds Karen hostage!

Don’t worry, it all works out.  And Karen is getting a crush on her boss.

Good comic.

Creators: Stan Lee and Joe Orlando

First appearance: The Owl

Grade: B-

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