Two short stories in one issue.  In the first one, Peter dons boxing gloves and knocks out Flash Thompson.

To be fair, Flash kinda deserves it.  He’s a jerk.

It’s also the one where Pete stops wearing glasses, because the spider-powers are improving his vision.  I suppose some people might say this is the beginning of major changes for the character, as he breaks from being a nerd and becomes someone who actually has multiple girlfriends at the same time.  But if you think about it, it makes sense.  Dude has mad power, and that’ll change a guy.

It’s a rare issue that ends with Peter Parker smiling.

Quite a high school they go to.

The second story is a Spider-Man/Human Torch tale.  There’s a lot of these.  But what makes this one, “Spider-Man Tackles the Torch,” special is that it’s pencilled by Jack Kirby, who we rarely got to see drawing Spider-Man.

Storywise, there’s not much here.  Spidey “fights” with Human Torch and meets the FF.  And awwwwww he leaves Sue a little valentine.  This story is actually pencilled by Jack Kirby!  It’s fun, but inconsequential.

Creators: Lee, Ditko (story one)/Lee, Kirby, Ditko (story two)
Grade: B

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