Punisher #4-5 (1987): 1st Microchip

Like I’ve said, there’s not a huge reason to recap the issues of Punisher from Mike Baron’s run because they’re mostly self-contained crime stories that don’t tie to the greater Marvel Universe in any way that makes them essential.  That said, these two issues introduce Microchip, Punisher’s “supply man” and one-man support team, and he’s kind of important to the Punisher character for many years to come.  One thing I like about him is he’s a balding, overweight dude.  Not many of them in comics, but there’s really no reason for him to be inordinately buff.  Also, he has a kid named Junior, which wasn’t something I even remembered.

When the 1990s arrive, everyone in comics will look like personal trainers.

The story is a clear analogy to Reverend Jim Jones’ Kool Aid cult, which isn’t something you’d normally associate with Punisher.

Finally, we get an appearance from real-life Congressman Richard Fryer….

Creators: Mike Baron,  Klaus Janson
Grade: C+

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