New Mutants #51-54 (1987)

This issue wraps up from last issue–Professor X sends his students home from space via Limbo (so he can get there faster), and forces Karma to possess Magik when Illyana refuses to open Limbo for him because the dimension is too dangerous after Magus’ invasion last issue.

Xavier has a long history of being a jerk, so it doesn’t really surprise me that he does this.

Unlike X, though, Magneto decides to listen to Magik and goes to Limbo with her—to see what has happened since Magus’ techno infection took over.  In the end, though, Illyana says Limbo is her mess—not his—and says she wants to handle it alone.

Also, Magneto decides to go undercover in Hellfire Club as their new leader, The White King.  In his new, “fake” role, Magneto brings the students for a party at the Hellfire Club’s Manhattan headquarters and, predictably, they tangle with the Hellion students.

The one thing of consequence out of these issues is that Karma quits.  She’s been trying to find her missing brother and sister, and decides to prioritize her family over adventures with The New Mutants.  Good choice to leave, at this point.  Maybe it’s the multiple artists or the fact that Chris Claremont is winding down his run on this book, but these issues feel disjointed and unimportant.

Creators: Chris Claremont, Kevin Nowlan (#51), Rick Leonardi (#52-53), Sal Buscema (#54)
Grade: C-.  And for a Claremont mutant story, a C- is a D for anyone else.

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