AMERICAN VAMPIRE AND WYTCHES.  Scott Snyder has signaled that his creator-owned horror projects will be back on or about 2020.

WARRIOR NUN.  Ben Dunn’s English-written Manga Warrior Nun Areala is being developed by Netflix.  The showrunner/Exec Producer is Simon “Continuum” Barry.  I do want to add that Netflix did a really good job with Umbrella Academy.  Much better than most comic book series adaptations.

SUPERMAN YEAR ONE: BLACK LABEL.  Frank Miller and John Romita Jr.’s “Black Label” DC book will publish issues in June, August, and October.  Interesting marketing strategy to go bimonthly in the days of “binge-watching” TV shows and increasing reliance on trade paperback collections over monthly issues to prop up overall sales.  I’m curious to see how it works.

PETER DAVID’S HULK.  Peter David’s ten-year run on Hulk is fabulous, and as I write this post I’m re-reading it—look for the tag Peter David Hulk.

Well, he’ll be returning to the character, along with Dale Keown, who was the artist to David’s 1990s Hulk scripts, and also his creative partner on the acclaimed and beloved 2002 one-shot Hulk: The End.  Their new book will also be a one-shot, titled Incredible Hulk: Last Call, in honor of Marvel Comics’ 80th anniversary. It will be an out-of-continuity, future tale.

DISNEY PLUS.  Disney’s subscription stream channel will include Muppet and Star Wars shows and  live-action remakes/series of animated (and non-animated) Disney classics like Lady and the Tramp, Mighty Ducks, and Honey I Shrunk the Kids, but for our purposes the announcement of MCU-based series is what’s really interesting.  Loki and a Vision/Scarlet Witch series have already been announced, both to star the same folks who played them in the movies, as well as adult-oriented cartoons about Dazzler, Tigra, and MODOK.  And there are rumors of a Rocky/Groot series, as well as shows starring Nick Fury and Falcon/Winter Soldier. I’m sighing heavily, because it looks like just paying for cable and Netflix won’t be enough.  I’m already missing out on some DC shows I really want to see, like Doom Patrol, but there’s no way I can miss Marvel.  Anyone want to share their user name and password with me? (That’s a joke, Disney, don’t come after me!)

HICKMAN.  Jonathan Hickman, best known by Marvel fans for killing Human Torch and the most recent Secret Wars event (one of the better events of the last decade), has been exclusively on creator-owned work for quite some time now, but it looks like he’ll be returning to Marvel to write two X-books.  Bringing The X-Men back to prominence will certainly be a challenge, as the overall quality of these books has slid considerably over the past many years (as has the quality of Marvel comics overall).

BETTER THINGS.  Nope.  Not a comic.  Not even close.  But Pamela Adlon’s FX show might be the best half hour on television these days, so I’m happy it’s been renewed for a fourth season.

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