Iron Man #219-221 (1987)

Things are going really well for Tony Stark.  He can even jog at the beach with microtechnology.

And, like more and more characters would look at the dawn of the overmuscled 1990s, it looks like he’s been taking steroids.  And if you think I’m exaggerating, here’s a guy Iron Man saves in a Chinese restaurant.

Anyway, the main story…

Tony Stark is attempting to acquire Accutech, and Roxxon also wants to buy them so they send The Ghost on a little industrial sabotage mission.  Ghost is described essentially as an anti-industrialist who is willing to work for one big company because it helps him sabotage another big company, sort of stealing from the rich and getting paid to do it by the rich.  He can phase and turn invisible, you know, like a ghost.

This is the character’s first appearance.

Ghost has good sound effects.

Spymaster gets involved, and then gets killed.  He’s a villain no one will miss.

There’s an interesting Rhodey sequence: Right now, there are supposed to be two Iron Men, but Rhodey appears to have some kind of PTSD from his last run in the armor, where he got seriously wounded.  He finds he can’t do it anymore.

It’s a nice character moment, and fairly realistic to boot.

Also: On the letters page, we get the Iron Man theme.

I don’t recall hearing that in the movie!

Creators: David Michelinie, Bob Layton (plotting and contributing to art chores), Mark Bright
Grade: B-

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