FANTASTIC FOUR #164-165 (1975-1976): The Crusader

This is the first appearance of Crusader.  Or is it the first modern appearance of Marvel Boy?  Or Quasar?  Answer: It’s all three!  And Thing punches him in the face!


It’s also the first appearance of Johnny Storm’s new gal, redhead Frankie Raye—who ultimately…Well, I won’t spoil it.

Anyway, the story is pretty good.  All the confusion over who Crusader really is comes later, when other Marvel writers tried to use him (or did they?) in future stories.

Crusader “dies” in the end.

The best part about these issues is that George Perez signed on as penciler, and would ultimately take on the gig pretty much full-time.

fantastic tits

Creators: Roy Thomas and George Perez

Grade: C+

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