X-Factor #16 (1987)

Let’s start with what appears to me to be an inside reference: In a Danger Room session, we see Rusty pull and break the Morlock Skids’ pearl necklace, which causes her to flash back to a similar incident from her childhood.

Pearls breaking and falling.  Art by David Mazzucchelli.  A traumatized child.  This is a Batman Year One reference, right?

The story focuses on Rusty, whose power is flame-based.  He enlists Masque, a Morlock who change other peoples’ appearances, to help him heal the burned face of a woman he injured years before he met X-Factor.

In the end, the woman is now a nun and she agrees to join the Morlocks—but not to heal her face, to convert them to Christianity.

Very interesting story.

Creators: Louise Simonson and David Mazzucchelli
Grade: C+

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