Some random stories about interesting changes in the comic book world.

GAY ETERNALS.  This is how out of it I’ve been.  I didn’t even know an Eternals movie had been confirmed, with a release date of 2020.  Indie short-film maker Chloé Zhao is attached to direct, with writers/cousins Matthew and Ryan Firpo, who are also best known for short films.  Now Marvel Studios says they want gay male for the lead.  I don’t know anyone who is eager for an Eternals movie.  I know a lot of people who would have wanted a good Inhumans adaptation, but instead we got a bad one.  But then again, nobody was looking for Guardians of the Galaxy, either, so maybe it will be good.

SPIDER-HAM.  The character appeared in the (wonderful, Oscar-winning) animated film Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, and now he’s returning to comics in 2019’s Amazing Spider-Man Annual by Jason Latour.

HELLO KITTY.  Is getting a feature film.  Is that comic book news?  I dunno.  But it’s weird.

MAJOR X.  Rob “Cable and Deadpool” Liefeld is returning to Marvel to create another mutant: Major X.  He wields an adamantium sword.  We’ll see if it becomes as popular as Liefeld’s other creators.

MODOK, HOWARD THE DUCK AND OTHER MARVEL ‘TOONS.  Coming to Hulu, a Howard cartoon by Kevin Smith and David Willis (producer of Aqua Teen Hunger Force)—alongside three other adult-oriented cartoons (M.O.D.O.K., Hit Monkey, and Tigra/Dazzler) that will, like Netflix, all come together in a unifying series called The Offenders.

RESIDENT ALIEN.  The Dark Horse comic has been ordered to series at SyFy.  Congrats to Peter Hogan and Steve Parkhouse, the comic book creators of the book about an alien living undercover in middle America.

STUMPTOWN.  The ABC adaptation of Greg Rucka’s Oni Press detective comic moves closer to fruition, casting Cobie Smulders as lead character Dex Parios, a Seattle-based private eye, and actors Michael (Secrets and Lies) Ealy and Camryn Manheim in supporting roles.

DEATH THREATS FOR COMIC BOOK WRITERS: PART TWO.  It happened to Dan Slott when he replaced Peter Parker with Otto Octavius and gave us one of the best Spider-Man stories of the millennium so far: Superior Spider-Man.  Now, Donny Cates is quietly making Venom into a character worth reading about, and he’s getting death threats too, over his major changes to Eddie Brock’s past—including that Eddie has a son—and the increasingly adversarial relationship between Brock and the symbiote.  Come on guys, you’re willing to commit a felony over this stuff?  Anyway, my main point in this item is: READ

VENOM.  I never thought I’d say that, but the new series—which started in 2018—is really, really good.

THE LOST BOYS.  The cult classic movie starring two Coreys and a Kiefer is being rebooted as a seven-season series for CW.  Could it be there will be something worth watching on The CW?  Maybe.  The pedigree is solid, as it’s being led by Rob Thomas who had a huge win with the Veronica Mars series and a minor hit with his adaptation of iZombie.  And the concept is pretty cool: Each TV season will show the same Lost Boys, i.e., the same immortal vampire clique, in a different decade.  It will start in the 1960s and then move to the present.

SHANG CHI.  Did y’all know that a Shang Chi movie has been definitely green-lit, and it will have an Asian-American lead?  I didn’t.  Destin Daniel Cretton (Short Term 12) is attached to direct the script Dave Callaham (The Expendables, Wonder Woman 1984).

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