In this issue, Silver Surfer realizes that the barrier that keeps him on Earth might not exist in the distant future, so he does a reverse Superman and spins the Earth forward really fast to make time move faster.

Let’s talk a bit about how weird this is.  First, even assuming spinning the Earth could reverse time on Earth, why would it affect the whole universe?  Because the world is what the Sun revolves around?

But more importantly, Silver Surfer was stuck on Earth sometime around 1969.  Why wouldn’t he just spin backwards a few years to before the barrier was cast around the planet?  I mean, it wasn’t a sure thing that the barrier would be gone in the future, but it damn sure wasn’t there in the past.

Anyway, his trip is a waste: Shalla Bal is long gone and the future is ruled by an evil alien killer.

In the end, it’s all back to normal–because every issue of this oversized comic is a one-and-done.

I don’t think Silver Surfer every displays this time-reversing power again.

Creators: Stan Lee, John Buscema
Grade: C+

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