THE X-MEN #59-61: First Appearance of Sauron

The Sentinels are on the warpath, trying to capture all mutants.  In the course of this issue, we learn that their creator, Dr. Trask, is a mutant.  He finds out himself somewhat awkwardly…

Meanwhile, the X-Men seek medical attention from one Dr. Lykos who, of course, turns out to be the mutant criminal Sauron, who hypnotizes Angel.


Sauron is introduced as a mad, torturing doctor who later turns into a human dinosaur and (spoiler alert) dies at the end.  So is it really a spoiler if this comic came out 40 years ago?  I don’t think so.

Anyway, it’s amazing to compare this run to Roy Thomas’ first run on X-Men, which was terrible.  What a difference having one of the best artists of all time can make.

Creators: Roy Thomas and Neal Adams
Grade: A

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