FANTASTIC FOUR #293-295: Goodbye, John Byrne (1986)

John Byrne gets writer/penciler credit for #293, by #294 he’s a “plotter,” and in #295 he’s gone for good, replaced by Roger Stern. Now, Stern is a great writer–but Byrne’s Fantastic Four run is legendary.  An impossible act to top.

The West Coast Avengers are still looking for The Thing, who ran away when he got mutated at the end of Thing #36, and She-Hulk is with them.  Instead of finding Thing they find a giant, black dome.  John Byrne always liked domes.  He also likes domes that do weird things when you try to touch them.

The rest of the FF come to help with the investigation and they find…


A futuristic city that worships them.

Perhaps Byrne planned it so that his last story would be hand off, and would feature a town that worships the “classic” Fantastic Four and can’t imagine them being any other way.

Creators: Byrne (#293); Byrne, Roger Stern and Jerry Ordway (#294); Roger Stern and Jerry Ordway (#295)

Grade: B-



Characters Appearing: Human TorchInvisible WomanIron ManKristoffLyja the LazerfistMr. FantasticShe-HulkTigraWonder ManWyatt Wingfoot

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