STRANGE TALES #112-114 (1963)

NOTE: Post Updated February 2019

Does Captain America look strange to you?  He should.  Because that’s not him.  It’s a poorly redesigned costume worn by an imposter.  In #114 Human Torch meets a Cap look-a-like, and the issue ends with this strange reader poll in the last panel of the issue…

Cap would indeed return, in just a few short months.   Stan Lee would often invite readers to participate in the creation of comics, but he usually did it on the letters pages or on an editorial page.  Whenever he would do this, it would really make feel like they were a part of Marvel–it helped him develop an avid fanbase, which was important when you understand that DC had been the preeminent superhero publisher for decades.  They owned Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman…And all of Marvel’s heroes were new and unknown.

Plantman is introduced in issue #113, and he’s a strange choice of villain for Human Torch.  Wood is flammable.

As for Doctor Strange, he appears in #114, but no stories in #112 or #113.

Creators: Stan Lee, Joe Carter, Dick Ayers
First appearances: Plantman (#113)

Grade: C+ (for the curiosity factor)

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