Sub-Mariner #5-6 (1968): Watch Out For…Tiger Shark!

My personal favorite Namor villain is introduced…Tiger Shark!

Todd Arliss is a swimmer with a spinal cord injury who seeks healing assistance from Dr. Dorcas, who also happens to be a mad scientist who has kidnapped Sub-Mariner.  Dorcas injects Arliss with tiger shark DNA, which somehow heals his broken back and gives him super strength.  Tiger kicks Sub-Mariner’s ass.

And then he kidnaps Lady Dorma, who seems to only serve as a hostage in all these Roy Thomas Namor stories, and then takes over Atlantis.  I have to say, Atlantis is a pretty lame city.  They seem to be kicked around by…Everyone.

In the end, Namor beats up Tiger Shark and reclaims his throne as Prince of Atlantis.

The cover to #6 is a classic.

Creators: Roy Thomas and John Buscema
First appearance: Tiger Shark

Grade: B-.  Way above average for a Namor comic, but only somewhat above average compared to other books you could have read in 1968.

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Tiger Shark!, Namor

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