Tales To Astonish #92-100 (1967-1968)

I’m running this down, all eight at once, because it’s just more hot garbage.  I mean, having a regular creative team and an artist like Marie Severin helps, but not much.  Hulk/Bruce Banner fantasizes about going to another planet where he won’t be hunted (instead of fantasizing about not breaking shit all the time, which is why everyone is after him!).

First, he tries to get Silver Surfer to take him away.  Surfer hits him in the face with his board.

Multiple times.

Then, High Evolutionary gets involved and takes Hulk on a bizarre outer space adventure but, in the end, he mind-wipes Hulk.  So even if this story presented some opportunities to develop the character, those chances are gone by the end.

Hulk is the best Marvel character that Marvel has no idea what to do with, and this remains basically true even now.

Meanwhile, Prince Namor takes on pollution when he finds drums of nuclear waste under the sea, and decides to go to war against the surface dwellers who left it there.  But the Atlantis government doesn’t want war, so they kick Namor out of his native land.  Again.  Then there’s a bunch of done-in-ones against forgettable foes.

I do like this cover, though:


…in issue #100, the stories come together: Namor decides to team up with Hulk and take over the entire world. But instead, for reasons that are too bizarre to go into, Puppet Master takes control of Hulk and makes the two of them fight.  Which leads to this interesting juxtaposition:


Hulk listens to Puppet Master, then listens to no one.

And pops Rick Jones in the face.
Creators: Hulk: Stan Lee and Marie Severin
Namor: Roy Thomas and Dan Adkins, Bill Everett and Werner Roth
Grade: D

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