So how does it end?  The last three issues can be summed up basically by saying that the evil demon The Beast manages to get his candidate, Ken Wind, elected President, but Elektra outsmarts the Beast by replacing Ken Wind’s brain with the brain of Agent Garrett—thus foiling the Beast’s plan to blow up the Earth.

Elektra: Assassin doesn’t have a ton of story—it’s really more about experimenting with how to tell a story than telling a story itself.  With all the mind-switching and changes of narrative-box points-of-view, the series constantly keeps the reader off-balance.  Couple that with the representational and abstract art of Bill Sienkiewicz and you’ve got a work of art that’s still avant garde by 2019 standards.

Excellent stuff, and well worth reading.

Creators: Frank Miller and Bill Sienkiewicz
Grade: A-

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