The Avengers #266 (1986): Secret Wars II Epilogue

This is actually a really good ending to a really bad series.  And it starts with Silver Surfer, who we haven’t seen in a long time, which in and of itself is pretty nice.

Beyonder left the Earth in bad shape—it’s quickly exploding—and the only one who can help is Molecule Man.

The heroes are trying to avert volcanic disasters, while also trying to convince Molecule Man to help them.  I love that drawing of Mr. Fantastic holding Namor.

Eventually, they convince Molecule Man to help—he’s afraid he will lose his powers in order to expend sufficient power to save the Earth—and in the end it looks like he’s normal, so The Avengers, in exchange for his saving the Earth, let him go his merry way.

But of course he was faking.  Nice twist.

Roger Stern was also writing F4 at this time so he knew damn well She Hulk was seeing Wyatt Wingfoot.  Maybe he gave her a pass for Greek Gods.

Shulk and herc
Also, She Hulk continues to sleep her way through the Marvel Universe.

Creators: Roger Stern and John Buscema
Grade: A

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