Alpha Flight #35-38 (1986)

Shaman and Talisman do some mystical kind of stuff.  I know Native Americans have a ritualistic culture (even ones in Canada) but somehow these kinds of stories still feel racist to me.  Maybe it’s because it’s written by an extremely pale white man.

Shaman emerges with augmented magical powers, which enable him to help Snowbird, who has been gradually going more and more crazy by inches.  Dr. Strange ends up helping, but honestly it’s such a disjointed story that it’s hard to follow.  Add on top of that the fact that there are several other complicated storylines being developed at the same time and this feels less like a team book and more like an anthology.

Speaking of other stories–Marrina is captured by Namor’s enemy, Attuma, who now rules Atlantis.  That will be the next big arc, I suspect.

Creators: Bill Mantlo and David Ross
Grade: F

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