Amazing Spider-Man #273 and Peter Parker the Spectacular Spider-Man #111 (1986): Secret Wars II

Ugh.  Both Beyonder AND Puma?  Double Ugh.

There’s been some kind of prophecy that Puma is destined to defeat Beyonder, and he gets Spider-Man to help him.  Ultimately, Beyonder decides he’s ready to die, so he gives Puma enough power to kill him.  (Note: Beyonder has already tried to kill himself, revived his human lover after she killed herself, and stopped Death from killing anyone.)  But then, when the moment of truth comes, Puma doubts if he as the power to kill Beyonder and that doubt strips him of the power he actually had.  No, it doesn’t make sense—but it does in a “clap your hands if you believe in fairies” kind of way.

Also, oddly, Bullpenner Ralph Macchio appears as a widower who was killed by the cult that worships Beyonder.  Very strange cameo for a comic book creator.

Creators: Amazing #273: Tom DeFalco and Ron Frenz
PPTSS #111: Christopher Priest, Rich Buckler (layouts), “Many Hands” (finishes)
Grade: D

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