Captain America #315 (1986)

MODOK is dead and AIM has his body.

Captain America is hunting down the Serpent Society, MODOK’s killers.  In the process, The Porcupine is trying to quit being a villain by selling his suit to the Serpents, who aren’t interested in buying it because, you know, they’re about snakes not rodents.  But Cap sees this as an opportunity to do a buy-bust, and has Porky arrange to meet the Serpents for a deal.  In the process, Porcupine is killed.

Two issues, two deaths.  It’s weird that they’d put Porcupine’s armor on display as “honored” in the Mansion, given that much more signficant–and arguably more morally ambiguous–characters have died without similar tributes.

Creators: Mark Gruenwald and Paul Neary
Grade: B-

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