STAR BRAND #1-19 (1986): 1st New Universe

I’m torn as to whether to include New Universe titles in this project.  I’m pretty sure we’ve seen the last of Kickers, Inc. and D.P. 7, but Star Brand recently resurfaced in The Avengers, so maybe the New Universe is in fact canon?

The problem is, it’s pretty bad.  But let’s see if I can hang.

Star Brand was the launch title, and the story was pretty simple—and cliché, in fact.  A motorcycle guy named Ken Connell meets up with an alien who gives him the Star Brand power after crashing on Earth.  The Brand is literal: It’s a skin tattoo that he can move around his body.  It’s very similar to Green Lantern’s story.  His power set isn’t entirely clear yet, but flying, strength, invulnerability and some kind of energy blast are part of it.

Creators: Jim Shooter and John Romita, Jr.
Grade: C-

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