Squadron Supreme #1-12 and Captain America #314 (1986)

Squadron Supreme was a book ahead of its time.  It tells the story of the Marvel version of DC’s Justice League, who exist in an alternate reality, trying to take on problems like world peace and starvation and…


It’s the precursor to darker, more sophisticated books like The Authority and Watchmen, but you might not notice the direct line from this book to those because it’s also a decidedly 1980s comic.  The team disarms the planet and enforces its own version of utopia (issue #1 is titled, The Utopia Principle) that, of course, goes wrong.

And it’s right in that very first issue that the team begins to have its own reservations about using power to influence people to behave in the “right” way.

Halfway through, the book loosely ties into the main Marvel Universe—probably in an attempt to boost sales—with Captain America #314.

Creators: Mark Gruenwald (writer), Bob Hall (art #1-5, 8), Paul Ryan (#6, 9-12), John Buscema (#7), and Paul Neary (#314).

Grade: C+=

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