5. Heroes in Crisis by Tom King and Clay Mann (DC)

Heroes in therapy.  A murder mystery.  More brain-twisting, emotionally resonant superhero writing from Tom King, who has emerged as the best writer in comics today.

4. Captain America by Mark Waid and Chris Samnee, then by Ta-Nehisi Coates and Lenil Yu (Marvel)

Marvel made Captain America an anti-hero, and Mark Waid explored the character’s heroism.  Then, Coates put Captain America at the bottom of the barrel. The hero of Africa and Earth became a science fiction Moses and the symbol of all that’s right with America played the role of antihero. By flipping the characters’ situations, Waid and Coates found a way to do fresh character work on a guy who is over a half-century old.

3. Kill or Be Killed by Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips (Image)

Ed and Sean concluded their latest masterpiece. These guys can do no wrong. And I have to say, I was doubtful about this one. A serial vigilante/killer who is chased by visions of a demon? Seems like we’ve seen this before, both in real life and fiction. But leave it to these two to prove that it’s not the story, it’s the characters—it’s not the concept, it’s the execution. These guys are masters of the craft, and shame on me for ever doubting them.

Oh, and it’s already on the way to a film adaptation by no less than the director of John Wick.


2. Mister Miracle by Tom King and Mitch Gerads (DC)

The best book about fatherhood, motherhood, and the New Gods ever made. I’ve written several times about this book throughout the year, and it’s the book I most looked forward to reading all year. There’s only one person who wrote a better comic this year, and…It’s the same person.

Hit next for #1!

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