Uncanny X-Men #196 (1985): Secret Wars II

The best thing about this issue is Kitty.  First, she smokes one of Wolverine’s cigars.  Then, she uses the N word.

She does it to prove a point about irrational bigotry, but wow—that’s pretty ballsy to publish in a comic book.  Marvel wouldn’t do that nowadays.

Professor X got mugged and severely beaten a few issues ago, and now he decides he really wants to know who did it (the mugging left him with amnesia and impacted his psychic abilities).  This plotline is just warming up when Beyonder appears in the cafeteria where the X-Men are strategizing how to root out the mugger(s).

But nothing happens.  He just watches them.  This is an entirely unnecessary crossover with Secret Wars II.  Then we’re back to the regular story, the X-Men find the perpetrators, and mind-wipe them so they forget that Professor X is actually the leader of the X-Men.

Also, Magneto is hanging out with the team now.

Creators: Chris Claremont and John Romita Jr.
Grade: B-

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