Doctor Strange #67 (1984)

This issue starts with Jessica Drew, aka the now-depowered-Marvel-lady-formerly-known-asSpider-Woman.  She’s still a private detective, and she catches a few baddies with the help of Shroud.  I love how they’re in an alley together, knock out The Bobsey Twins, and then just talk about getting breakfast while the bad guys are lying out cold on the street behind them.

Then, it’s over to the Dark Dimension, from whence Dormammu has been excised by Clea, and we see a minor sorcerer named Rahl escaping a mob of mindless ones, and then going to visit with Clea.

That interlude doesn’t matter much…For now.  Because then we’re on to the main event, which is the return of Blade.

Dr. Strange banished all vampires from our dimension, but the cults that used to worship vamps are now trying to get extradimensional vampires to come into our world.  Strange and Blade and Hannibal King stop them.

In all, another victory for Roger Stern.  And the added treat is seeing Stephen Leialoha on the art, since he was easily the best creator who worked on Spider-Woman.  It’s also good to see Marvel checking in with Jessica Drew.  Obviously, we know today, that her story is far from over.
Creators: Roger Stern and Stephen Leialoha
Grade: B-

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