Dr. Strange exiles Hulk to a dimensional crossroads, where he can look for a world that suits him, and Sal Buscema channels Steve Ditko.

It would be neat to go back over all the Hulk issues to now and see how many times he fought a bunch of people and then got banished to some faraway place.  I remember that’s how he met Jarella, and I know there was another time he was thrown out into space.  And now, Dr. Strange has sent the newly brutal Hulk, who lost his Banner consciousness due to Nightmare, to the crossroads of dimensions.  So in this issue, he’s just busting his way through various dimensions, breaking stuff and hurting stuff.

I know Strange is just the protector of Earth’s dimension, but it does seem a little immoral of him to just throw a fantastically strong monster into other peoples’ worlds.  The catch, though, is as soon as Hulk is unhappy, he gets returned to the crossroads and can pick another site.   So it’s at least a little compassionate.

Note: Hulk is rarely happy.

Creators: Bill Mantlo and Sal Buscema
Grade: C+

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