Fantastic Four #269-270 (1984)

The main story here isn’t the best part.  In #269, She Hulk meets Wyatt Wingfoot for the first time. Look at her eyes.  They say a girl knows in the first minute she meets a guy whether she’ll sleep with him.  The way Shulk is pushing out her bazongas, there really can’t be any doubt here, can there?

And then, by the end of #270, she’s all but ready to seal the deal… IMG_0935

Wyatt Wingfoot is about to become the boss of his tribe, so he’s riding through the desert to accept the honor…

…when a massive space being named Terminus arrives on the Indian Reservation, so Wyatt, Reed Richards, and She-Hulk take action to repel the threat.  It’s basically a Galactus story, complete with Terminus being betrayed by an underling who sent him to Earth in the hopes that Earth’s super-people will destroy his master (much like Silver Surfer).  It’s a good story—it’s just basically a Galactus story.

In the areas of character development, which is always a huge strength for John Byrne, Susan Richards—who miscarried a few issues ago—is getting pretty cheesed off about not being allowed to participate in missions with the other members of the team.  Reed keeps treating her with kid gloves and making her babysit Franklin (which conveniently keeps the team to four members, counting She-Hulk).

Also, Human Torch isn’t on the mission because he’s trying to make time with Alicia Masters—now that Thing has left her to stay on Beyonder’s Battleworld.

And finally, in the end, Wyatt joins the team (making them the Fantastic 6?).

Creator: John Byrne

Grade: B+

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