MARVEL FANFARE #16-17 (1984)

The main story in these two issues is perfectly fine. Dave Cockrum draws a Marv Wolfman story about the old Marvel hero Sky-Wolf, but World War II comics have to be really good to keep my interest. Plus, it’s noncontinuity.

The back-up stories in these issues are canon.  The first, in #16, is Sub Mariner.

 It’s a treat to see Mike Mignola drawing a Marvel comic.  He didn’t do it often.  Sub-Mariner is his usual grouchy self, grumbling about how annoying surface dwellers are, etc.  And he saves a horse who fell off a boat.  It’s a weird little thing.

We also get an Al Migrom strip in which he says Mignola came to him wanting to be an inker, but he talked him into being a penciller.

If that’s true, we all owe Milgrom a huge favor.

The back-up story in #17 is Hulk.  And it’s pretty good.  It’s called “A Day in the Life,” and that’s exactly what it is.  We see him bouncing through the desert, drinking water, and playing with animals.  I dug it.  Also, I really liked Tony Salmons’ very different art style.

Creators: Bill Mantlo and Mike Mignola (Sub-Mariner), David Anthony Kraft and Tony Salmons (Hulk)

Grade: D (#16), B- (#17)

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