I’m starting reading X-Men again.  I really liked the book in the 1970s, but Claremont’s soap opera style and complexity can wear me down, especially as we move into the late 1980s and there are a million X-Men and way too many X-books.  Early 1980s is a transition period: The team have become the centerpiece for Marvel’s universe, and their “importance” makes them grow.  Very quickly.

In this issue, Colossus dumps Kitty Pryde.  He fell in love with an alien girl while he was away at the Secret Wars, and for some reason that means he can’t be with Kitty anymore.  I guess he can only love one woman in his lifetime?   I love the way the panels get smaller, closing in, while the “camera” draws out.  Great technique by John Romita, Jr.

This irritates Wolverine, who has always been possessive and protective of Kitty, so he and Nightcrawler take Colossus out to a bar, get him drunk, and let Juggernaut beat the snot out of him.

Creators: Chris Claremont and John Romita Jr.
Grade: B-

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