It starts with Magnetic Fields’ “Fear of Trains,” a heartbreaking ballad of a Native America girl abused by the system. A powerful opening to a fantastic, roots Americana album. Then, it’s right into a much more recognizable cover: Busted.

Kilonova is ten covers–here’s what Whitmore himself has to say about it: “This collection is something I’ve been wanting to put forth for a long time. A handful of these tunes I’ve been doing in my live sets for years, and it just felt right to give them a little home. A place where my interpretations can live and hopefully be enjoyed. I remember as a kid hearing Johnny Cash cover Harlan Howard’s “Busted” on Live at Folsom Prison. Soon after that I became familiar with Ray Charles’ version, and it was a revelation that a great song can be played in many different ways. Seems obvious now, but as a ten year old it was helping to shape my way of thinking of music. As a thing to be passed around and shared. I used to love when I’d hear Willie Nelson play “Georgia on my Mind” by Ray Charles.”

Highly recommended.

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