Peter Parker, the Spectacular Spider-Man #85 (1983)

In which Cat and Spider take their relationship to the next level, and Cat levels up (i.e., gets her “luck” superpowers), which she bought off the Kingpin. Cat and Spider-Man’s relationship continues to develop, and the two of them fight Hobgoblin together.  Cat seems more into Spidey than he is to her, but it’s strongly implied that the two characters are sexually active together.

And speaking of getting superpowers…This is the issue where Hobgoblin gets super powers.  He submerges his body in the chemicals that gave Norman Osborn stuper-strength, and emerges successful, albeit a little crazier than he was going in because the potion makes you a little nuts.  It did the same thing to Osborn.

Creators: Roger Stern (“gracious” plot assist), Bill Mantlo, and Al Milgrom
Grade: C+


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