FALCON #1-4 (1983-1984)

It’s rare for Marvel to give a person of color a solo book, so it’s really important to like Falcon.  It’s also the first published work by Jim Owsley, later known and Christopher Priest, and then just Priest.  It’s one of the author’s best works, too.

He’s not as good at dialog or characterization yet, given his youth and inexperience, but what he accomplished was no small feat: He turned a B (or perhaps even C) list character and made him a leading character.  I’ve never met anyone who didn’t like this miniseries.  And Mark Bright’s wonderful art didn’t hurt a bit.

And there was enough big action fun: Sentinels hunted Sam Wilson down, establishing for the first time that he is a mutant.

Also: Electro, and an appearance by (of course) Captain America.

In issue #4, Ronald Reagan gets kidnapped.  It made for some overly heavy social overtones, but still–good stuff.

It made for fun reading.  But it stayed a 4-issue miniseries and didn’t lead to a full-series launch.

The covers sure rocked though, didn’t they?

Creators: Chris Priest (Jim Owlsey) and Mark Bright
Grade: B

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