HULK #286-290 (1983): The Greatest MODOK Story of All Time

Hulk #288
MODOK has found himself ousted from AIM. Without the help of henchmen with usable arms, MODOK needs friends. So he goes to work for, get this, General Ross and the U.S. Army!! This is a foreshadow to the 2010s’ Secret Avengers storyline, in which MODOK becomes an agent of SHIELD.

It’s wonderful and hilarious and you really should read it.  For those of you, like me, who read that story and thought it was ridiculous that MODOK would ally himself with the forces of Big Government, we all stand corrected. There was precedent.

Anyway, back to Hulk #286-290, where MODOK has decided to revive Abomination.

Thus we get a storyline with two of Hulk’s most interesting foes, and the fourth best MODOK story of all time, according to this genius.)

Unfortunately for MODOK, Abomination was apparently humiliated and terrified by his last run-in with Hulk, and has become a driveling mess.
Nevertheless, MODOK tortures him to the point that he fights Hulk, and MODOK’s blue AIM team take on the main yellow AIM team.  In the process, MODOK kidnaps a SHIELD agent who was babysitting Hulk and turns her into…

The AIM members’ fascist waves are a totally unnecessary addition, but Nazis are the universal symbol of evil.


As you might expect, the story is pretty much Bride of Frankenstein.  MODOK creates her out of Hulk’s girlfriend, which pisses Hulk off, but Ms. MODOK is given the option between the two and…..


And then they have MODOK style sex.

Yes, brains beats brawn.

Until it doesn’t, she turns on him, and he kills her.IMG_8660

Actually, he transforms her back into her original form, Dr. Waynsboro, the SHIELD caretaker for Bruce Banner.  But still.

Very awesome.

Oh, and if that wasn’t enough, Hulk goes to the dentist.

Creators: Bill Mantlo and Sal Buscema
Grade: A-

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