WEEKENDS ARE FOR SINGLES featuring Metric, The Beatles, and More!

Rob Zombie. Marilyn Manson. The Beatles. Nuff said.

And speaking of huge bands doing covers, have you heard Offspring’s 311 cover? It’s really good!

Let’s keep the cover thing going one more time: Pearl Jam’s breakout hit, Jeremy, covered by Orphaned Land. Interesting choice–not many people try to re-do PJ–and interesting re-working, too.

How about some hardcore for your weekend? This song kills. And the vid is good, too.

And let’s make sure we include some hip hop. Gotta get your ass moving for the weekend. One in a Million by Page Kennedy features bars by underground rapper Elzhi, a personal favorite.

OK. Back the edgy and angry: New Pussy Riot.

Moving on to bright pop: RALPH. Love her voice, love her sound.

03 Greedo is getting lots of love. I guess I get it, but I also don’t. He’s good–but why is he getting to be so huge?

Dom Kennedy is always good–and his latest is great. Reminds me of that slick 1990s sound of guys like Rappin’ 4 Tay.

Metric are back!

Alright, let’s close with Alt-J’s remix of Deadcrush, featuring Danny Brown.

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